About us

Smart Business Travel provides housing services for over 120 destinations worldwide. As one of the housing services experts, SBT aims to process over 120,000 hotel bookings per annum. Due to our established relationship with rooms’ suppliers, we are able to offer unmatched room rates year round. Our aim is to provide our traveler with a unique experience coupled with the best offer available in order to have a loyal customer with a long lasting relationship.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the best rates for hotels in leading business destinations around the globe.

Top Tier Service

Our bookings website and mobile site allow you to make your own bookings wherever you are around the globe.


Our changes and cancellation policy allows customers to make changes to their booking through our dedicated telephone customer services team. Customers can make changes up to 7 days prior to check in* so that you are able to amend your booking if your meetings or business schedule change.


Our sites and payment terminals are completely secure; with our suppliers working around the clock to ensure services are available and rates/availability are completely up to date.

Why us

Specializes in housing for professional associations and business travelers attending conventions all over the world. In addition, we partner seamlessly with the industry’s leading registration providers, using advanced technology and service to create a one-stop experience. Our innovations have changed the way reservations are made and managed. Technology drives, speeds and assures the accuracy of every Travel Planners housing program. But technology is never a substitute for human contact. Our experienced professionals provide extensive personal support to meeting planners, attendees and exhibitors. We live and breathe housing so you don’t have to. With our unique insight, Travel Planners anticipates opportunities. Then we apply our expertise to create new tools that address them simply and effectively. If there’s a better way to streamline a process or delight a tough exhibitor, you’ll find it here. While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our services, or even travel tips, get in touch! We hope you continue to book with us for many years to come.

Leisure Travel Stay

Need a break from the norm? Want to trade in some of those long hours you’ve been working in the office for a nice trip to Hawaii? How about Prague? If your answer is “yes” (which we know it is), then you’ve been looking for affordable hotel rates in your desired destination. We can provide you the best rates you’ll find (unless you own a hotel), at the best locations you can conceive (unless you own an island; and even then…).

Business Travel Stay

Business to attend to in another state? How about another country? With Smart Business Travel , you can send a single employee, or a whole army of employees, to wherever in the world your business takes you. The best part is, you can send that army of yours knowing that you likely saved thousands of dollars by booking with us. We’ll all stay undefeated!

Convention Travel Stay

We are experts at meeting your special hotel needs! Event Planners: hotels with meeting spaces for your next function. Teams: hotels: right next to the stadium or arena. Teachers: hotels near museums and tourist attractions. we provide you with: -Group reservations from 1 to 500 -Flexible payment options -In-house, European call center -90,000+ hotels to choose from